Wednesday Night Training

30/06/2010 21:02

 Training was had tonight, with Rod, Mick and Owen doing a decent training route heading out from Darry's ( and doing the Orange-Airport-Spring Hill-Lucknow-Huntley-Orange Loop.

Garmin-Quarq Data... 

 Wed Night Ride:

Duration:   1:56:02 (2:02:45)

Work:       1226 kJ

TSS:       100.5 (intensity factor 0.787)

Norm Power: 252

VI:         1.22

Distance:   48.715 km

Elevation Gain:     326 m

Elevation Loss:   290 m

Grade:     0.1 %  (38 m)

Min Max Avg

Power:       0 1246 207 watts

Cadence:     19 153 89 rpm

Speed:       0 71.4 25.1 kph

Altitude:     829 948 896 m


So with a good solid Norm Power of 252W (Normalised Power is a calculation of Average power that takes out the free wheeling (hence zero power)... basically it is a smoothing of the entire ride and is often used to get a more accurate load on the body's system from a stop start race like a crit or a scratch race)

So from a training perspective it is a solid ride with a TSS (Training Stress Score - a value on how hard the ride was) is a good 100 - hard enough to load your legs up a bit, but still easy enough that you can recover from it and back up the next day and keep hitting your numbers.

Most probably the hardest thing was getting out in the cold... temp hit -2 deg C somewhere out on the ride, so definatly the need to rug up for training.


Keep your training going... and keep it Rubber Side Down