Team Kit

Adam Tagg | 21/04/2011

How are you guys getting a long with getting a team kit underway

Are they still going ahead?

Had a look

Tanya Bosch | 11/01/2011

Hi guys, Good to see what you are doing. Sorry Owen we haven't talked in a while. If you need any help let us know

The ace

Paul hammond | 29/11/2010

Good luck boys. From the ace lol.


Rod Forrest | 27/09/2010

Boys- great site and great intitiative. I hope some strong results flow in.... I'm looking forward to seeing what the ffi racing jersey design will be....

state titles contribution

George Ferguson NAB | 09/08/2010

If your going to go and play with the big dogs you have to lift your leg a bit higher on the big trees because we want to see results not excuses results boys results! It was good to see your long flowing haired assistant helping you on the day put in a better ride on the day finishing in the dark no excuses

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