FFi Racing has, been created by Owen Macphilliamy and Michael (Mick) Troy. With the plan being the creation of a Cycling Team based out of regional NSW, in and around Orange. The aim of growing to race and compete on the World Stage at some stage in the not too distant future
As time progresses, more content will be uploaded to this website, including race reports, calendar of events that the FFi Crew will be attending and pics of the guys in action.


 Q and A Interview with two members of FFiRacing.

Today sitting with me are the two founders of FFiRacing.

From the rumour mill they have been busy trying to find some funding for the 2011 season and have been in talks with potential riders for the 2011 domestic season.


So Mick Troy and Owen MacPhillamy, the website www.ffiracing.com is looking good. Was the change from having a webnode tag an effort to make FFiraing a more stand-alone and serious entity?

Owen: Yeah our thinking is, it makes for an easier name to sell to potential investors. Also when some of our clothing gets released it will look better with FFiraing.com than the old FFiracing.webnode.com Always trying to look more professional.

Mick: And being road cyclists, looks are all important. But on a serious note, team kit is the next logical step. Even if we don’t in the short term find a financial backer, the ability to put ffiracing.com across our riders back sides is far catcher and easier to remember then the old web domain.


What is FFiracing.com plan for 2011 and beyond?

Owen: We want to have the funds to send a small number of riders away to races along the east coast of Australia. At the very least we want to make it cost neutral for the riders and any helpers that we need. We understand that it will be a constant growth of the team and that many of our riders will have to continue to work. Ideally we want FFiracing.com to be the next Drapac Porsche or Pegasus racing. Were we to have enough riders and staff that everyone involved can concentrate on racing and getting the most out of the riders and team and in return give our sponsors the greatest exposure and image as possible.  This would mean we would potentially see FFiraicing in Asia, New Zealand, America and Europe as well as Australia.

Mick: For me, racing although important, I have to remember that my studies at university are my number one priority. It is the main reason that I am located in Orange, but racing and riding come a very close second. If, the development of FFiRacing.com grows to point where travelling interstate and internationally and racing, while completing my studies it would be wonderful, but realistically, racing locally and around the state are the goals for the next twelve months, but after that, with some more guys on board I really thing that FFiRacing could take on the big guys across Australia.




How is the search for sponsors/investors going?

Owen: Well the initial reaction has been very positive. We have had a some help from the current Aldi regional manager. A lot of businesses have expressed interest but as yet we have not signed anybody. The website www.ffiracing.com which Mick keeps really well updated has been getting an exponentially increasing amount of traffic. The day www.ffiracing.com went live people flooded in to check it out. So we have built a great base to give our potential sponsors/investors a window to the world.  

I have nearly finished a prospectus for FFiracing and Mick and I have a short list of companies we would like to approach.

Mick: Lots of friends in the area that have business are keen to get on board with the team and the project, but unfortunately don’t want to be the first to take that leap.

One thing that Owen and I are keen on creating with the team is akin to what Team Type One has created towards creating awareness of Type One Diabetes. For us, both as asthmatics, the promotion of asthma friendly products, foods and lifestyle is a potential




How are you deciding on companies to approach?

Owen: We have been looking for companies that want to make a stronger push in the Australian market. We would love to partner with an up and coming company and help increase their brand awareness. We are also looking at companies that have a cycling related product that is on the edge of the cycling world and help them further develop the product and increase its awareness.

It would be fantastic to get on board with a company that has multiple brands or products and help promote a portion of their range each year. Ideally we would like to sign with a company that has a long-term view.

Mick: What Owen said.




How is the search for riders and staff going?

Owen: Well it’s still early days at the moment but we have been in talks with a few riders and others interested in becoming apart of FFiracing. The big thing at the moment is securing a sponsors/investors and organising with Cycling NSW and Cycling Australia to be able to race as a team.

Mick: Like Owen said, there are a few local guys that are keen if something can be started, but may already have a current ride so won’t jump ship until something is in concrete. Staff wise, we potentially have a bike mechanic and a soigneur through our contacts in the industry and friends and contacts from our past.


Lastly what does FFI stand for?

Owen, Mick: Well it all came about when ………

At this point something happened to the voice recording I had and I can’t remember what they said FFi stands for. I guess we will have to wait and find out another day.



If you wish to contact FFiRacing email them at; ffiracing@yahoo.com.au

You can check out their website at www.ffiracing.com

On Twitter @ www.twitter.com/ffiracing



History of Project

Started in 2009 as an idea by Owen Macphillamy to set up a racing team, based out of the Central West of NSW in combination with Mick Troy.

It was given a boost when Macphillamy returned to the area in early 2010 and has been evolving since.