Wednesday Night Orange CC Bunch Ride

11/11/2010 08:34

 Wednesday night saw another good roll out of riders for the weekly Wednesday night bunch.

It was good to see quiet a few fathers and sons out with the young kids having a good ride and keeping their old man's honest including Jeff and Max Stewart. Good riding by Max and I am sure it won't be long before he is really ripping it up. Keep up the good riding!

Up front Ray Selmes and Laura Auberson  kept the pace on early in the limit bunch. This was followed by strong riding Rod Forrest who was the driving force for the block bunch. 

It was a good turn out in the Scratch bunch with Gus Tobin returning to the bike after school exams, Charlie Gascoyne hitting it up coming back from a crash, Adam Ferris, Rod Farrell, the Mick's; Mick Cain and Mick Troy and Owen Macphillamy. The pace was on early and putting a couple of riders into bother but it stayed together although Mick Troy found himself doing the lions share of the work.

Block was caught just after the Huntley turn and the sights were put on catching limit. With Troy doing plenty of work, a few rough turns by Farrell, Tobin and Macphillamy doing what they could as well as Forrest, the gap was readily closing on the front bunch.

The dipper was hit at a flying pace with Farrell taking the left hand line but Troy muscled his way up the outside driving it with Charlie on his wheel. Coming out of the second creek, it was Macphillamy taking the bunch up to the wheel of limit before Troy kept pushing it over the top onto the false flat leading to the 80 signs.

With Troy on the front, Farrell on his wheel not wanting to or being able to pull any more turns, Tobin rolled over the top into the third and final creek and had the long lead out up to the crest, struggling with the climb but still had the strength to put everyone behind Troy into trouble. Troy jumped clear at the top of the climb and sprinted to the 50's, clocking the quickest time for the 25km, averaging 42km/h.


For those of you interested, Mick's Garmin File: