07/08/2010 16:42

 Last ride today for the boys before tomorrow's State Championships. Mick decided that he would head out and meet the Orange bunch and brave the freezing, frosty conditions while Owen (possibly smartly) headed out in the afternoon for a roll.

Mick was seen to be policing the back of the bunch regularly, and having trouble deciding whether it was to be gloves on or off weather. A nice sedate pace was had until Mick decided to give a lead out into Forrest Reefs. The acceptable pace resumed after the sprint and carried on until the Airport when things started to wind up a bit for the final sprint.

Tobes was seen doing some pulls out of the creek before Mason lead the bunch through the 80 signs. Mick Troy rolled up beside Mason leading into the last creek giving a glance across his shoulder and turning on a bit of gas up the final rise before the line. Mason could be seen holding the wheel until his legs went "Ping" (Mason's own words), with a gap opening up, Grant Roe decided to try and bridge the gap, but it was too little too late with Mick taking the Sheep Station on the line.

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