Strongbuild Berry Criterium South Coast Register

17/11/2010 20:02

Kolbach wins Berry Criterium

17 Nov, 2010 08:17 AM

The winner of last years Strongbuild Berry Criterium in the first division had returned to defend his number one saddle cloth.
Aaron Donnelly lined up as the rider on the top of the list for division one 
and there were some quality riders around him to make racing hard and fast for the 2010 event.
Entries for the main event came from Illawarra CC, Macarthur CC, Goulburn, Orange, Manly Warringah, Southern Cross, St. George, Sydney and Sutherland.
Former NVC rider and Berry resident, Michael Troy made the trip from Orange along with a team mate to add more local interest to the event.
By now the afternoon was hot and humid and the roads had dried out but the racing was on from the start.
The lead positions ebbed and flowed and the attacks were launched and were chased down and the field split apart and recovered.
Over the last three laps Donnelly had joined in a break with Kolbach (Macarthur) and Jared Mills (Sutherland) but Kolbach had the fastest legs at the end to take the winners cheque from Mills and Donnelly. Sydney youngster Luke Davison was next over the line ahead of Brodie Talbot