Panuara Club Race

16/09/2010 14:44


 Sunday saw the start of the Orange Cycle Club's spring calendar racing in the build up for the Christmas Cup. A 55km Handicap was in store for the riders which saw 5km of flat and the rest of the course is either going up or down. The race left Forrest Reefs, dropped down to Long Swamp and then around the front of the mine, up to Cadia Road, taking a left heading down and then out of Four Mile Creek, down to Panuara, Flyers Creek, Errowanbang and then up the Piggery and back to Forrest Reefs.

This was the second time that this course has been raced on, with history showing it to be a strong mans course, with an in-form David Van Shaik taking the win and Owen Macphillamy fastest time while scratch riders on the day Timmy Guy, Blair Windsor and Angus Tobin saw the rain and pulled the pin after only a couple of kilometres.

The danger bunch today was pegged out to be that of Grant Roe, who ended up riding off block with big man Andrew Foxall who is known to have a decent set of climbing legs.

Mick Cain, along with Mason Manwarring could also potentially provide an upset.

Up front, Brian Kennelly set a torid pace, eating up the climbs, while Cain attacked from the gun while Manwarring deciding to be slightly more cautious with the first couple of hills. Riding with Mason was Joe Szpytko on "Clive" a single speed bike and gamely decided on a 39x 15 gearing for the entire course.

Riding off scratch was Mick Troy and Owen Macphillamy, both under done training wise and knew that they were in for a hard day in the office if they wanted to get anywhere near the front.

Going over Cadia was the end of the day for Owen, after bringing up breakfast all over himself, leaving Troy to chase down block. Troy made the junction going up out of Four Mile Creek and collected Roe and Foxall, pulling turns into Panuara. Out of Panuara, Troy decided to ditch the help and attempted to make his own way on the course.

The lack of k's, and the same dodgy ham sandwich that was the undoing of Macphillamy proved to be Troy's enemy and quickly succumbed to fatigue, cramps and illness through Flyers Creek. He was then reeled back in by Roe and Foxall and left in their wake.

Up front Kennelly had made his way to the front and there he was going to stay although Mick Cain was making a big effort to catch him.

Results for the day saw Kennelly take the win and fastest time to Cain, some very big upsets with Scratch again failing to make an impression on a tough course, but at least this time saw one of the scratches make it to the end, even though it was in a very sorry state.