Orange Cycle Club Time Trial

31/10/2010 08:15

The Orange CC held an 18km Time Trial yesterday in windy conditions on the testing Tallwood Loop. There were a large number of starters especially considering the blustery conditions.
There were a couple of notable absenteees including local strong man Mason Manwarring, new comer Rodney Forest and FFi rider Rodney Farrell.
The beauty of the time trial format means that local triathalon riders could also participate.

Riders started at minute intervals, with the aim to set the quickest time at the finish line. For many riders this could create great bragging rights if they set a faster time then another competitor. There was also the bait of having a rider only a minute up the road and the bragging rights would increase if they could potentially catch their "Minute Man". 
Early starters included Laura Auberson and Kerian Simes who could potentially put on some strong times.
Further back the competition was on heated between Brian Kennelly, Mick Cain and Dougald Parsons with Dougald going the full hog and bringing out the full tt bike including disk wheel.
Second to last was FFi rider Owen Macphillamy who was surely in the contest for fastest rider of the day. And following Macphillamy was Mick Troy who was also in the hunt further.title.
Speeds as fast as 70km/h were reached by some riders including Macphillamy and Troy heading through the undulating first part of the course which also had a rip roaring tail wind.
Up front the wind was doing the damage with many riders having gone out too hard and were struggling in the head wind on the in the last half of the course that confronted riders after the Tallwood Pinch at the back corner.

For Macphillamy, previous starter, Grant Roe came into view across the back of the course through Tallwood and the same for Troy who was steadily hunting down the minute to Macphillamy.

Owen over took Roe not long after the Tallwood Pinch having made up the minute to him not long after the halfway mark. Troy was in a similar situation, catching Roe between the Tallwood pinch and the corner back to Forrest Reefs taking a full two minutes out of Roe. Troy kept the pace high, with Macphillamy in sight, there was a good chance that he could be caught for a minute too. Just after the bottom corner, the catch was made and Troy kept powering on towards the finish in the tough up hill head wind stretch towards Forrest Reefs.

FFi Racing managed to get two riders on the podium, with Mick taking fastest time of the day, and Owen taking second. Third went to Dougald Parsons by 3 over Brian Kennelly and a further 2 seconds to Mick Cain... the question was posed after the race how much difference the time trial bike and disk made compared to a standard road bike...

Results Below: 



Ride Time (mm:ss)


Michael Troy



Owen MacPhillamy



Dugald Parson



Brian Kennelly



Mick Cain



Andrew Foxall



Grant Roe



Tom Gascoyne



Matt Dean



Keiran Syme


FF 11

Danielle Syme



Estelle Dean



Laura Auberson



Chris Ryan


As the results show there are some very closely spaced times, showing that riders around town have some good form at the moment. Strong ride by Tom Gascoyne giving regular local rider Grant Roe a run for his money, coming in only 15 sec down and also Andrew Foxall, who like Owen did the morning ride and then rode to Forrest Reefs and then completed the time trial coming in only 11sec down on 3rd place.