FFi Training

28/06/2010 19:28

 Team Training, as such has been taking place on the roads around Orange. Whether it be in the mornings battling the frost or the evenings battling fatigue after a hard days work, and still facing the bite of winter.

The past two Sunday's have seen FFi Riders heading north off the mountain side, north onto the Central West Pleateu, doing the epic Orange-Euchurean-Molong-Amaroo Loop, with last Sunday seeing the riders tack on the Pinnacle for extra KOM points for the first rider to cross the line at the top.

Joe, Mick and Owen have been the Mister Consistent for the rides, with Rocket Rod making an appearance a week ago, after some interesting antics getting ready, decided that heading to Melbourne was a better idea (Blowing a tube, finding a wheel without a Cassette, near miss with a car and then going the wrong way at a round-a-bout)

Ride for this weekend is mooted to be around Bowen Park for another Hilly adventure.