FFi Racing Training Ride

30/12/2010 13:09

FFi Racing held a training ride this morning, heading out from DG Cycles to do one of the local riding loops.
A good turn out of 13 riders headed out for the Pinnacle loop. Wit a nice steady pace set heading out of town there was no need to fear getting dropped on any of the rolling climbs between the edge of town and the base of the Pinnacle.
Several creek crossings (running across the road) and plenty of rough road greeted the bunch as they made their way towards the Tea House and the start of the climb.
There were also several sore legs after some big k's being done over the last few days including Mick and visitor to the town Fin doing 180km yesterday in two sessions, 140km heading out Browns Creek, Blayney, Neville, Mandurama, Errowanbang, The Piggery, Forrest Reefs and Orange and then the airport dash that night. Rod Farrell had clocked some 140km over the past 3 days, "Pretty hard for an old boy" was his wording. Gus Tobin doing the same morning ride as Mick and Fin but going mountain biking in the afternoon.
It was Grouppo Compacto at the Tea House when people started their clocks, with Mason Manwarring leading the charge of the big boys up the climb. By the first left hander, Mason handed over the lead of the bunch to Farrell and also some casualties heading out the back. Farrell held the pace steady until the next left hander when he muttered something and started drifting back with the Scotsman Fin quiet happy to follow his wheel, leaving Owen to ramp up the pace on the homeward stretch, followed by Mick and then Gus. Over the last 100m Mick felt the burn in his legs from the previous day and was struggling with the accelerations of Owen but Gus brought it home strong. KOM points to Owen, Gus and Mick in that order.
At the top, waiting for everyone to catch their breath made a good photo opportunity; https://twitgoo.com/1sk5dg

Coming down the steps, there was some fast riding but always on the lookout for the many potholes that littered the course.
The bunch took a right at Shiralee Rd and onto Woodward street, with a gallop imminent, Troy took Farrell onto his wheel for a long leadout heading to the 50's but went from too far out, leaving Farrell high and dry and then only to get swamped on the line by the train lead by MacPhillamy with line honours going to either Gus or Fin… Too close to tell.

Garmin File: https://connect.garmin.com/activity/61065122