Back Riding

22/09/2010 13:54

 The FFI Boys can be seen back out on their bike now, having gotten over their ham sandwich scare and Rod at some stages focusing on the bicycle and finding some form although Joe is suffering from a bit of a cold at the moment.

Up coming racing for the team consists of the last round of the Chocolate Foot XC series this weekend for Rod and Joe, the Workshop Monkeys. They are in the fight for 3rd in the Pairs category so best of luck to both of them! Not to forget Joe's attempt at the 24 Hours of Adrenalin World Solo Championships in October... Best of Luck


Up coming racing on the road is a bit limited at this time of year, but it is hoped that some of us will get down to the Berry Criterium in November, and then after that Owen and Mick are planning to make their way to the Tour of Bright in the Victorian High country.

So there is a good chance that you will be seeing Owen and Mick hitting up some hilly longer rides as the weather continues to improve and re-finding their form from earlier in the season.

Night riding is continuing from DG Cycles on Lords Place on Wednesday nights, heading out towards Lucknow and the Airport then followed by stake at a nearby pub.

Once Summer and daylight savings kicks in, you will surely see the boys hitting it out on Wednesday nights at the Orange Cycle Club's Wednesday night organised bunch ride. 6pm at Jack Brabham Park on the south side of town. Everyone more then welcome to join but a reminder that you are required to have at least a "Ride It" licence through Cycling NSW and Cycling Australia to cover you for insurance. For more details go to or head down to DG Cycles.