Friday and Saturday Pedaling

04/01/2011 07:27

 A huge weekend of riding and racing has just passed for FFi Racing. Wth DG Cycles closing early on New Years Eve, Mick and Owen, along with Charlie and Tom Gascyone, Anton Lyner, Ian Reed, Mason Manwaring and Richard Martin headed out for a nice casual jaunt. Heading up the steps and down the Pinnacle, all negotiating the adverse road conditions on the decent and out to Borenore. Manwaring, Martin and Lyner had a big gap heading into the Borenore township for the 50 sprint but a big turn by MacPhillamy brought the bunch back together although it could be argued that Tom Gascyone was doing quiet a bit of blocking, but as it was Troy flew the coupe and took line honours.
Mick, Owen, Mason and Anton then headed out Amaroo Road as far as the train line before returning and climbing back into Orange where again Manwaring had a big lead into the 50's sprint but again could not capitalise from the gap with Troy again taking the points and the jersey.

Saturday again saw MacPhillamy, Troy, Reed and Manwaring heading out for another jaunt on the road. This time the bunch was heading out to Euchareena and Molong before the return trip up Amaroo and the Pinnacle. Mick turned early for some other commitments leaving the Three Musketeers to continue pedaling.
Reed had the best seat in the house, not from looks but defiantly wind shadow, managing to sit behind Manwaring for the majority of the ride.
Mick turned early for some other commitments.
Up the Pinnacle, Owen had a crack at FFi Racing's local initiative of setting some quick times up the climb and logged a 6.57 climb which is a good pace after over 4 hours on the bike to get there. Anything under 7 minutes is a strong pace at any time up the tough climb.