FFi Racing and Wednesday Night

23/12/2010 07:18

 Wednesday night rolled around again, and saw only one representative of FFiRacing make it to the Orange Cycle Club's Airport Dash. Good numbers otherwise turned up for the last ride prior to Christmas.

At the Block Bunch's request, Mick started solo 1.30 behind Charlie, Adam, Shakey, and Foxie. With the block bunch just visible heading out of the dipper as Mick entered it, it was going to be a tough chase once it flattened out when the advantage swings in favour of the rolling bunch over the lone ranger.

Fortunately, Mick continued to make inroads into the block bunch's advantage and was just off the back by the Huntley turn. 

Heading past the airport, with Mick finding himself back on the front, Charlie punctured, with Shakey and Adam pulling over to give a hand, left Foxie and Mick to complete the rest of the course.

Unfortunatly the handicapping this week was too severe for Mick to ride from front to back but he still averaged 40km/h with a bit of help from Andrew Foxall.


Merry Christmas